Two Key Factors for Success in Change Management

Change management will become a common strategy for multinational companies in the next decade. Simply because businesses will have to adapt to the development of new technologies, to more flexible competitors like start-ups or to the lack of capable personnel.

However, the process might be exhausting and might even endanger the existence of the company. Therefore, it should be planned well ahead, taking into account all the challenges and the opportunities and developing a respective tactic to address them. Here, I will share two factors, which will bring in success in handling change management.

Channel the Expectations

You should become the guru of managing expectations. You should create them, bring them to the knowledge of employees, make sure that they will embrace them, and be certain that you will meet them.

Why you need this? If people are aware about what is coming next and when, they will be more willing go through the process. They might decide to invest their time in using the created opportunities within the company, rather than seeking a new job. Let’s not forget that change is difficult mainly because it brings uncertainty. So, by overcoming the suspense, you will be able to focus on building the new processes.

Information Flow

The second key aspect of successful management of the undergoing changes is the timely flow of relevant information. Old news is no news. While, rumors and speculations are destructive for the future of the company. If employees are officially informed on a regular basis with relevant information, the hesitation will be calmed down. And efforts will be save for realistic activities.

Further, when companies are creating new processes and are shifting capacities, it is vital to make informative choices. This might save money on creating new positions and/or allocating personnel.

Remember that change management is a process. And it takes both time and human resource to go through it.