Addressing the Mobility at the Work Place

My dream was to become a TV journalist. I spent three months in a Bulgarian national television to find out that journalism in Bulgaria has nothing to do with professionalism or ethics. It was a show that had to go on and on 24/7. So, I jumped in into PR. I worked for an international PR agency, I worked for a local agency, I founded my own communication agency. Then I headed an agency that was a top name in the advertising business. And in 2015 I realized that journalism in Bulgaria was dying. And with no journalism what I’m going to do in PR? So I quit. I took a couple of months. I had to decide what I’m going to do the next decade. Two months later I was introduced to employer branding.

The moral in my story is…

Things are changing too fast. Organizations need new types of skills and knowledge. Talents look for better fields to explore and to flourish. And if you are not fast enough to adapt and develop, you will be stuck.


Mobility has many aspects. On one hand, it might mean the forms of occupation – freelancing, remote work, human cloud, flexible working hours. On the other, it might imply horizontal and/or vertical career growth. It might also refer to changing vocation. How could a company address these new trends and still attract and retain its pool of talent?

Answers to your concerns

[We have reached] an environment where only the flexible and constantly evolving will prosper.

Mira Gateva – 5 Key Elements of Employer Branding, Episode 4

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