The Need to Adapt

We live in a dynamic world. Everything is changing, new technologies are entering in fast speed, needs are transforming. The only way to survive is to adapt.

That doesn’t mean that traditions won’t be attractive or sustainable. However, embracing flexibility and open-mindedness will distinguish you as an employer of choice or as a talent worth fighting for.

Generations and their needs

Thinking about generations, for example, we can easily distinguish their various needs, but can we address them? Baby boomers are concerned about their retirement and wouldn’t mind working fewer hours per day. Generation X struggle to keep the balance between work and family. And Millennials are keen on finding their vocation, or rather changing it from time to time.

Are you flexible enough to provide a working environment where all these requirements are covered? Have you embraced the strategy of hiring look-a-likes? Or have you implied a more diverse approach?

In terms of personal development, people also need to adapt.

“The minute you overcome your fears, you will enter a learning mode. When you deal with challenges, you ultimately obtain new skills. Thus, you create a new safe haven, leading to an extension of your comfort zone.”

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