5 Key Elements of Employer Branding

Attracting talent. Voicing EVP. Engaging employees. Digitizing content. Building leadership. Too many aspects of employer branding to consider while building the organization of choice. But when you want to get to the bottom, I believe that five key elements frame the core of employer branding.

That’s why I created a series of five episodes, each dedicated on a specific element. I provide an explanation about their significance and give you some guidelines on how you would achieve a better status in the realm of employer branding.

Episode 1 – CULTURE

Why is it so important? 

On one hand, culture is the combination of unique values and believes, which bond the members of an organization. It is the foundation on top of which the strategy, the EVP, and the messages are created.

Culture is the magnet that attracts employees and keeps them together in their effort to deliver output.

On the other hand, culture distinguishes one organization from the rest in the segment. It is the face and spirit, which attracts great talent.

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